Subspace Glitch: A Super Smash Bros. FATE RPG Campaign

Due to their work in helping clear Samus’ name, and the way they have stepped up to help the community in various other ways, the party received personal invitations from Princess Peach to compete in the First Annual Smash City Kart Championships, to be held at the newly completed Smash Kart Stadium. The grand prize? 20 FATE Coins!

Claptrap had to return to his world to report to Atlas Corporation, and Meowth claimed that he was going to go work on a kart and left. This left Steve, Revan, and Roll working in a garage constructed by Steve. Revan retrieved the body of a swoop from the Ebon Hawk and converted it to a kart, Roll modified Beat into a kart, and Steve built a kart from scratch out of ores and rubber. Isabelle arrived during the week, as she needed a place to work on her entry, too. The four of them were entered into the first heat of the first round of the championships; top eight racers advance.

Just as Lakitu was about to start the race, Wario drove up on his Wario Bike, entering himself into the race. Peach informed him that he was not invited after what happened LAST time, and when Wario declared that he was not leaving and nobody could make him, Bowser threw him out of the stadium. Literally. (Exactly what Wario did that got him banned while Bowser is not is unknown.) Waluigi untrophied Wario, and the devious duo swore revenge. (No, I don’t know what Waluigi wants revenge for, either. That guy doesn’t need a reason.)

The first heat ended with a Chocobo racer finishing first, Isabelle finishing second, Roll third, Steve fourth, and Revan sneaking that last qualifying spot in at eighth. Fun was had by all… but in the stadium, Shovel Knight (there as a spectator) had come across some suspicious behaviour. The men’s restroom was blocked off with fake police tape, and a purple-garbed janitor told him not to go inside. He did so anyway, suspecting something amiss, and found a cache of explosives. He reported this to Officer Jenny, who recognized Waluigi’s description (but not his name) as a known criminal. Correctly suspecting that Wario was out for revenge, she dispatched Shovel Knight to sweep one end of the stadium while she checked another. Shovel Knight caught Wario smuggling in more explosives, and briefly fought him before Wario used the Wario Bike to get away.

Due to Shovel Knight finding 2/3rds of the payload, he and Jenny quickly determined what part of the stadium was still at risk. Shovel Knight evacuated the Royal Box (shovelling the Toadstool Retainers out of it) just before the bomb went off, destroying the Royal Box and ruining the track. Princess Peach was grateful for his efforts and declared that Wario was not going to ruin the championships… the next round would be held at her own Royal Raceway!



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