Subspace Glitch: A Super Smash Bros. FATE RPG Campaign

- We opened with Meowth hitting the streets in Smash City, gathering intel for Team Rocket. One of his Zora contacts told him about some secret submarine movements in Smash River late at night, heading towards Smash Lake. Further inquiries about goings on at the lake suggested that there was a mysterious illness among the lake’s duck population, and the annoying dog that lives around there was in a bad mood. Meowth decided to investigate himself.

- Meanwhile, Revan headed for the headquarters of Smash City’s power company, the Shinra Power Corporation, for a job interview. It seems that the former Sith Lord needs funding to acquire materials for something going on in his own world. He arrived to find that the company was being picketed for their unfair practices… by a single one-wheeled droid named Claptrap. Claptrap tried to convince Revan not to cross the picket line, and Revan questioned the strange little droid for information. It seems that Shinra is using its influence to block a corporation from Claptrap’s home world from getting established in Smash City.

Shinra then assigned the new security officer it had hired that day to go out and shoot the robot that was causing this trouble. His security badge read “Hello, My Name Is THE HEAVY”, and he carried a disturbingly large gun. Revan managed to convince him via Jedi Mind Trick that this was not the robot he was looking for, and Claptrap sent him off in the direction where the robot had gone.

- At that point, an explosion from the twenty-third floor of the Shinra building sent broken glass down on the two of them, but Revan used the President Shinra statue to create cover. Up on the 23rd floor, a meeting between Shinra’s head scientist, Dr. Hojo, and Dr. Thomas Light of Light Laboratories, had been interrupted by a mysterious silver-haired man with a very long sword who teleported in to kill Hojo. From the outside hallway, Roll heard the explosion (she was surreptitiously gathering information about Shinra at Dr. Light’s request), and ran in to see that this newcomer had already defeated Rock (who was there to bodyguard Light) with shocking speed… Rock hadn’t even had time to enable his full Mega Man combat processes. Hojo used the explosion created by Rock’s defeat to try and escape, leaping out of the window with a turbine-powered parachute rig. The unknown assailant would have leaped down and killed him, but Roll used her vacuum arm to snatch him by his long hair, and that held back his initial attack.

Revan sensed that this man was stronger in the dark side of the Force than anyone he had ever seen, and decided to try to propel himself and Claptrap up to the 23rd floor. Unused to the architecture style, he accidentally broke through to an eighth floor office. Claptrap, however, had a perfect vantage point from there to record what was going on, getting a good look at this stranger’s face. The stranger leapt with Roll on his back, as he had only one chance to get Hojo before he escaped, but Roll managed to pull him off course and the scientist got away. Revan leapt to meet the man in midair as he fell, and there was a very brief skirmish. The stranger broke it off after sensing a type of energy from Revan that he had never known… not wanting to chance a battle at this stage, he warned them all to stay out of his business and teleported away. Officer Jenny arrived and demanded to know what was going on. She got statements from Roll, Revan, Claptrap, and Reno (on behalf of Shinra). Shinra disavowed all knowledge that the silver-haired stranger existed, claiming that there had been an accidental malfunction with Dr. Light’s robot (infuriating Roll in the process). After this, Shinra refused to allow them in the building, leaving the Heavy at the door with orders to allow no unauthorized personnel inside.

- Meanwhile, at Smash Lake, Steve was collecting sugar cane at the shoreline when the lake started talking to him. It turned out that Meowth had arrived in the Magikarp bike-pedal submarine, and was trying to chase down the ducks there so he could find that dog and get some answers. Steve, thinking that this was a really big fish that could feed him for weeks, jumped in the water to kill it. He was disturbed to find that it was a machine, after knocking a block-shaped piece of hull out. Meowth yelled at him, and he repaired the hole he created (after entering the sub through it). Meowth then talked Steve into helping him pedal after seeing a man with a turbine parachute fly in from the city and fall into the mouth of the river.

Steve discovered a hatch with a strange insignia at the river’s mouth, and knocked a hole in it to enter. Meowth followed him down in order to gather intel. They were immediately accosted by Shinra soldiers, and battled them briefly. Steve managed to escape after sowing confusion with his ability to build things out of blocks, but Meowth used the opportunty to hide in the shadows instead, going on a sneaking mission in the Shinra facility. Steve thought he was trapped, though, and went into the city for help. He encountered Officer Jenny as she returned to police headquarters, and there learned that the insignia he saw belonged to the Shinra corporation. Jenny affirmed that Shinra did not have any permits or land ownership rights that would let them have a facility there. This was the first Steve heard about needing permits to build houses, so he went on to City Hall to inquire about that.

- Back at Shinra headquarters, Claptrap used his wireless interface to grant himself, Revan, and Roll authorization to enter Shinra headquarters, and Heavy accepted it (after asking if Roll was the robot he was supposed to shoot). Roll was very anxious to get back to Dr. Light and Rock, as her communications with them were blocked… however, Claptrap’s big mouth made a sneaking mission impossible. Reno caught him immediately, but both he and Roll got a look at the security room’s footage of Steve and Meowth before they were kicked out again. Revan, however, succeeded in sneaking in. He went to the eighth floor office that he accidentally broke a hole in earlier, and used the Force to lift both Roll and Claptrap up to him. The trio proceeded up to the 23rd floor, defeating a contingent of Shinra guards along the way. They discovered that Light and Rock were nowhere to be found.

Through the hole, Claptrap’s zoom function spotted Steve on his way to city hall. Having seen that this guy had raided a Shinra facility that day already, he had Revan send him down to speak with him. Claptrap successfully recruited Steve, who now had some people to help him go rescue Meowth…



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