Subspace Glitch: A Super Smash Bros. FATE RPG Campaign

After the incident on Rainbow Road, our heroes went into investigation mode. Isabelle found that President Shinra had been petitioning the Urban Development and Planning board of Smash City for additional road development on thenorth end of the city. Dr. Will Wright, Smash City’s chief urban planner, showed her the proposal. Isabelle then dispatched Lakitu to get updated aerial photography of the area; the photos showed tire marks leading north away from the city, toward Battlefield.

Claptrap, who had returned to his home dimension, asked Steve to brick up the portal to said dimension with unbreakable bricks. The Atlas Corporation’s CEO determined that doing business in the Nexus wasn’t worth the risk of Hyperion doing business in the Nexus, and thus wanted the portal sealed. Steve sealed it with obsidian, but three days later his seal had been destroyed. Worse, the symbol of the Vault had been burned into the ground of Final Destination where the seal had been, and that substance was thought to be immutable.

During this time, Revan’s apartment was blown up in an assassination attempt. Only the Force Sense of the former Jedi/Sith master saved him, as he leapt from the wndow just in time. Revan soon had a vivid Force vision that disturbed him immensely, but he told noone of its contents.

Using the equipment at Light Labs, Roll scanned the Subspace barrier around the Transdimensional Nexus. She found an entry point, but it was on the underside of the Transdimensional Nexus, under Battlefield. Immediately after this discovery, alarms indicated that someone had entered the Nexus through the portal to her world. According to Light Labs security logs, it seemed to be Mega Man. Given that he was presently thought to be held captive by Shinra, this was perplexing. She set out to gather the others and find him.

Roll assembled Isabelle, Revan, and Steve, and after sharing information amongst themselves, they decided to follow the trail northwards into Battlefield. Using her keen senses, Isabelle found the trail, which led miles northward through a long cave, and into the mountains. They found the terminus point of the trail, and uncovered a transport truck that had recently carried electronics (and apparently had seen at least one firefight, if the spent Hyperion bullet casing was any indication). The trail ended in a cavern that spiralled deep into the depths of the Nexus… several miles downward. They encountered some of the indigenous creatures (Isabelle scolded a swarm of Zubat into holding still while Revan blasted them), but found a minecart that allowed them to make most of the trip quickly. At the bottom was a deep pit leading all the way to the underside of the Nexus, where the blue sun is visible. The Halberd was hovering below and the group snuck through Shinra patrols (Revan using the Jedi Mind Trick on the one group that found them). They saw a Hundred Gunner guarding the elevator platforms on the sides of the pit, and so tried to sneak down the maintenance ladder instead. Unfortunately, Isabelle made more noise than any small shih tzu had ever made before, and they had to fight the Gunner to get down. On the plus side, after destroying it, it fell into the Halberd’s deck and expoded, giving them an entry hole.

The group ran through the hallways and decided to look for the engineering/lab area first. The Turks led a strike team to hunt them down, but Isabelle talked them into letting them pass. That tactic didn’t work on the lab door guardian, though; a robot named Prelude. Roll idenitified him as a new Dr. Light creation, albeit one apparently powered by materia. They tried repeatedly to talk their way past, but Prelude refused. Notably, although Prelude confirmed that his creator was “Dr. Thomas Light”, and that he was currently acting on the orders of “the Vice President Of The Science Division of Shinra, Incorporated” and that “the Vice President Of The Science Division of Shinra, Incorporated is currently officially designated as Dr. Thomas Light”, he notably avoided saying who said VP was.

Revan sensed a complete void in the Force, something that he had not encountered before. Using his Force Senses to feel the engineering room beyond, he pinpointed the void to be in that room. The Force impelled him to enter the room and deal with whatever was inside, and so Revan pressed the matter by attempting to explain the Force to Prelude, and what he was sensing. This explanation caused the “the Vice President Of The Science Division of Shinra, Incorporated” to give Prelude the order to take down Revan, and a battle began. Steve circmvented the battle, though, by simply mining the door with a diamond pickaxe, allowing entry to the room beyond.

The laboratory was very dark; not exactly optimal conditions for research. Standing in the middle of the room was Dr. Light, dressed in new clothing and speaking in a monotone. Roll noted that his movements and mannerisms were all wrong. He tried to send Roll, Steve, and Isabelle off while letting Revan stay; Revan offered to “help” as he saw that Light was the void in the Force. Light offered Mega Man’s location as an incentive for them to leave, and gave it to them. Revan sensed that more voids in the force were gathering quickly in the shadows, and Isabelle clearly saw one of them (to her dismay); a mysterious creature of some kind. The group (sans Revan) was about to leave when suddenly, Mega Man arrived! Except Roll immediately identified him as Copy Mega Man, the duplicate created by Dr. Wily some time ago. Dr. Light, however, seemed to be fooled; he obviously didn’t know there WAS a Copy Mega Man. At this point, Roll understood that he has been possessed, and set to dispossessing him. Copy Mega Man declared that he was there to do one thing, and shot at Light to start the battle.

Copy Man’s shot was blocked by a Guardian from the darkness, and the creatures swarmed from the shadows and descended on the party. Light himself seemed to abandon the facade and attacked with powers of darkness. Revan’s Force Storm cleared out the creatures of shadow, and Roll deduced that multiple-target attacks were needed to hit “Light” as his Guardian blocked every single-target attack. Despite Prelude’s efforts, the group was able to stop Light via Roll’s fire attack. This trophied Dr. Light, while the entity inside him stood revealed. It was (as Light would later confirm) “Ansem”, Seeker Of Darkness. The Seeker created a Corridor Of Darkness down which he and Prelude escaped. Copy Man then declared that it was time for his “secondary objective”, and attacked Roll. The group had a tough time with the Mega Man impostor, but eventually defeated him.

The Halberd began to move, and so the group had to beat a hasty retreat, with the trophies of Light and Copy in tow.

Back at Light Laboratories, Dr. Light recovered. He dispatched his six Light Bots to rescue Rock, and told the group what he knew. Ganondorf was aligned with Shinra, and that organization was trying to use legal means to acheive a dominant position in Smash City, to make a full domination an easy prospect. They had allies in Handsome Jack of Hyperion (who had been at the helm of the Halberd), and this Seeker Of Darkness (who tried to remove Hojo to secure his own position in the company). But other powerful groups were also assembling to make a play for the Nexus. Bowser was using the Tome Of Eternal Darkness (see: Session Three) to acquire allies, and Sephiroth had also begun the process of gathering allies. The Glitch was out there, and the battle for the Nexus hadn’t even begun. However, armed with more knowledge, the heroes were at least ready for what was to come.

Unfortunately, one last bit of bad news came in. the team sent to extract Mega Man found him… he had been infected with the Glitch and was no longer in his right mind. Light immediately retreated to his own world with samples of Phazon given by the party, and a directive to get him samples of the Glitch.



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