Subspace Glitch: A Super Smash Bros. FATE RPG Campaign

Meowth and Roll went to get a hot dog for lunch, and Meowth bumped into Pikachu, who was enjoying a hot dog with his friend Samus Aran (sans armor). Pikachu was enraged to see Meowth in Smash City, and Samus helpfully offered to shoot Meowth dead in the street for him. Roll defused the situation and they left quickly.
Steve went to City Hall to get his building permits, and Isabelle asked him for help since he was a deputy. A citizen named Alexandra Roivas was having problems with hauntings in her manor. Being a good guy, Steve agreed to help.
The group arrived to Roivas Manor to find Alexandra frantic as zombies were invading her home. She seemed familiar with them, and referred to them by different names: Ulyaoth Zombies, Xel’lotath Zombies, and Chattur’gha Zombies. They faced the Ulyaoth Zombies in the library first, and though Claptrap almost burned the library, they were victorious. They then faced the Chattur’gha Zombies in the front hall, and this was a VERY tough battle. During these fights, Alexandra explained that her house WAS her world’s portal to the Nexus; it had just appeared in Smash City one day. Whatever horrors Alexandra had faced in her past had clearly drained her mental stability, and so she had a very tenunous grasp on reality.
The group pulled off the battle, and Alexandra realized that they were too late: the Xel’lotath Zombies had opened the basement and found access to the underground city of Ehn’gha. ALL IS LOST. THE ANCIENTS WILL RETURN AND DEVOUR ALL THAT IS.
The group followed, but Revan and the robots detected that the scene was not what it appeared. Indeed, Ehn’gha was an illusion; as Alexandra believed, it had not made the jump into the nexus with the rest of the house. Meowth used the Silph Scope he brought when told that this was a haunted house mission, and saw the responsible party: Gengar. Gengar was accompanied by several Gastly, and they attacked the party. However, Meowth managed to talk them down by getting the Gastly to play ball with him. Literally. (This encounter, and the conversations in it, also convinced Alexandra that the force behind the reinvigorated Ancient powers was a fifth Ancient named ‘Pokemon’.)
Without his backup, Gengar stopped fighting, and indicated to Meowth (the only one who could understand him) that his boss wanted this house and there would be big trouble for this. Meowth snuck off as Roivas and the group decided that she needed to go visit Professor Oak to learn about Pokemon and these ghosts that were plaguing the house.
Meowth met the rest of the group as they were looking for him. He reported an all clear, and the group left the house, mission complete.
Three days later, the group saw on the news that Roivas Manor had vanished, leaving a hole in the earth where it once stood. They investigated, but no physical evidence was present. Revan, however, encountered a red ghost skulking in a nearby alley. This ghost went by the name Blinky, and told Revan that he believed that the perpetrator was King Boo, the self-professed King Of Ghosts. Blinky considers himself the boss of all ghosts, which must mean he is King. Meowth tried to talk tough to him, but was immediately flanked by Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. The group left, cognizant of a brewing ghost turf war, and knowing that the Roivas Manor incident was likely a flashpoint in it.



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