Subspace Glitch: A Super Smash Bros. FATE RPG Campaign

Claptrap, Revan, and Steve headed to the mouth of Smash River as Roll returned to Light Laboratories to be Mission Control. They perused the area, trying to figure out a way to the Shinra underwater base, when a van pulled up reading “MARIO BROTHERS PLUMBING COMPANY”. It turned out that Steve’s description of the lab entrance to Officer Jenny reminded her of a Warp Pipe, so she had called Mario to check on it. Mario and Luigi brought their new apprentice plumber Alucard; Alucard needed to learn a modern society trade, and he had chosen plumbing since dark dank stinky sewers were no impediment to a dhampier who sequestered himself in tombs for centuries on end. Mario confirmed that the base was, in fact, built into a Warp Pipe.
Hearing that the group was trying to rescue someone, Mario dispatched Alucard to assist them while he and Luigi capped the Warp Pipe. This conversation was overheard by a timid Black Mage named Vivi who was looking into a serious disturbance in the Lifestream of the Nexus. It had led to this area. Realizing that this was likely connected to something involving an illegal underwater lab, Vivi offered to help as well.
The group headed down to find that Shinra soldiers were already on alert in the entranceway, and attacked immediately. Revan took them all out with a spectacular Smash Ball attack… just before the huge Air Buster mech arrived. Roll relayed the style and weaknesses of the machine, which helped them not be caught offguard by its positioning shenangains. The group defeated it, and Meowth emerged from his hiding place.
Asserting that he needed to investigate the lab, Meowth pushed ahead to the part of the lab he hadn’t explored. The group encountered Reno once again, along with more Shinra troops and Shinra swordsmen. They triumphed quickly, even when a Hundred Gunner giant mech intervened. Vivi one-shotted the enormous mech with a devastating lightning attack, and the group soon took down Reno. They untrophied him and bullied him for quite a while, threatening torture and permanent trophying. Reno stuck to his insistence that they were the ones breaking the law and behaving immorally, and eventually they had to push on.
At last, they arrived at a large laboratory, where stood the rest of the Turks, many mooks, and Professor Hojo. Hojo thanked them for taking their time with Reno as he had finished all necessary preparations. He hinted to Claptrap that one of his business associates had told him about the Atlas Corporation, and “was coming for his codes”. He left as the giant Carry Armor mech arrived to capture them. There were many tubes with purple goop here; during the battle, Claptrap made to break one, but Roll warned him not to as she was getting dangerous readings from it. The group was on the verge of defeating Carry Armor and was doing well against the Turks when Tseng called in for an airstrike. Torpedoes hit the base, collapsing the ceiling and doing a lot of damage. The party managed to survive and swim to shore. They noticed some strange purple glowing bubbles percolating from the remnant of the lab, floating from the water into the air.
The Glitch has been released.



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