Subspace Glitch: A Super Smash Bros. FATE RPG Campaign

RECAP: Session Ten
The Heart(less) Of The Halberd

After the incident on Rainbow Road, our heroes went into investigation mode. Isabelle found that President Shinra had been petitioning the Urban Development and Planning board of Smash City for additional road development on thenorth end of the city. Dr. Will Wright, Smash City’s chief urban planner, showed her the proposal. Isabelle then dispatched Lakitu to get updated aerial photography of the area; the photos showed tire marks leading north away from the city, toward Battlefield.

Claptrap, who had returned to his home dimension, asked Steve to brick up the portal to said dimension with unbreakable bricks. The Atlas Corporation’s CEO determined that doing business in the Nexus wasn’t worth the risk of Hyperion doing business in the Nexus, and thus wanted the portal sealed. Steve sealed it with obsidian, but three days later his seal had been destroyed. Worse, the symbol of the Vault had been burned into the ground of Final Destination where the seal had been, and that substance was thought to be immutable.

During this time, Revan’s apartment was blown up in an assassination attempt. Only the Force Sense of the former Jedi/Sith master saved him, as he leapt from the wndow just in time. Revan soon had a vivid Force vision that disturbed him immensely, but he told noone of its contents.

Using the equipment at Light Labs, Roll scanned the Subspace barrier around the Transdimensional Nexus. She found an entry point, but it was on the underside of the Transdimensional Nexus, under Battlefield. Immediately after this discovery, alarms indicated that someone had entered the Nexus through the portal to her world. According to Light Labs security logs, it seemed to be Mega Man. Given that he was presently thought to be held captive by Shinra, this was perplexing. She set out to gather the others and find him.

Roll assembled Isabelle, Revan, and Steve, and after sharing information amongst themselves, they decided to follow the trail northwards into Battlefield. Using her keen senses, Isabelle found the trail, which led miles northward through a long cave, and into the mountains. They found the terminus point of the trail, and uncovered a transport truck that had recently carried electronics (and apparently had seen at least one firefight, if the spent Hyperion bullet casing was any indication). The trail ended in a cavern that spiralled deep into the depths of the Nexus… several miles downward. They encountered some of the indigenous creatures (Isabelle scolded a swarm of Zubat into holding still while Revan blasted them), but found a minecart that allowed them to make most of the trip quickly. At the bottom was a deep pit leading all the way to the underside of the Nexus, where the blue sun is visible. The Halberd was hovering below and the group snuck through Shinra patrols (Revan using the Jedi Mind Trick on the one group that found them). They saw a Hundred Gunner guarding the elevator platforms on the sides of the pit, and so tried to sneak down the maintenance ladder instead. Unfortunately, Isabelle made more noise than any small shih tzu had ever made before, and they had to fight the Gunner to get down. On the plus side, after destroying it, it fell into the Halberd’s deck and expoded, giving them an entry hole.

The group ran through the hallways and decided to look for the engineering/lab area first. The Turks led a strike team to hunt them down, but Isabelle talked them into letting them pass. That tactic didn’t work on the lab door guardian, though; a robot named Prelude. Roll idenitified him as a new Dr. Light creation, albeit one apparently powered by materia. They tried repeatedly to talk their way past, but Prelude refused. Notably, although Prelude confirmed that his creator was “Dr. Thomas Light”, and that he was currently acting on the orders of “the Vice President Of The Science Division of Shinra, Incorporated” and that “the Vice President Of The Science Division of Shinra, Incorporated is currently officially designated as Dr. Thomas Light”, he notably avoided saying who said VP was.

Revan sensed a complete void in the Force, something that he had not encountered before. Using his Force Senses to feel the engineering room beyond, he pinpointed the void to be in that room. The Force impelled him to enter the room and deal with whatever was inside, and so Revan pressed the matter by attempting to explain the Force to Prelude, and what he was sensing. This explanation caused the “the Vice President Of The Science Division of Shinra, Incorporated” to give Prelude the order to take down Revan, and a battle began. Steve circmvented the battle, though, by simply mining the door with a diamond pickaxe, allowing entry to the room beyond.

The laboratory was very dark; not exactly optimal conditions for research. Standing in the middle of the room was Dr. Light, dressed in new clothing and speaking in a monotone. Roll noted that his movements and mannerisms were all wrong. He tried to send Roll, Steve, and Isabelle off while letting Revan stay; Revan offered to “help” as he saw that Light was the void in the Force. Light offered Mega Man’s location as an incentive for them to leave, and gave it to them. Revan sensed that more voids in the force were gathering quickly in the shadows, and Isabelle clearly saw one of them (to her dismay); a mysterious creature of some kind. The group (sans Revan) was about to leave when suddenly, Mega Man arrived! Except Roll immediately identified him as Copy Mega Man, the duplicate created by Dr. Wily some time ago. Dr. Light, however, seemed to be fooled; he obviously didn’t know there WAS a Copy Mega Man. At this point, Roll understood that he has been possessed, and set to dispossessing him. Copy Mega Man declared that he was there to do one thing, and shot at Light to start the battle.

Copy Man’s shot was blocked by a Guardian from the darkness, and the creatures swarmed from the shadows and descended on the party. Light himself seemed to abandon the facade and attacked with powers of darkness. Revan’s Force Storm cleared out the creatures of shadow, and Roll deduced that multiple-target attacks were needed to hit “Light” as his Guardian blocked every single-target attack. Despite Prelude’s efforts, the group was able to stop Light via Roll’s fire attack. This trophied Dr. Light, while the entity inside him stood revealed. It was (as Light would later confirm) “Ansem”, Seeker Of Darkness. The Seeker created a Corridor Of Darkness down which he and Prelude escaped. Copy Man then declared that it was time for his “secondary objective”, and attacked Roll. The group had a tough time with the Mega Man impostor, but eventually defeated him.

The Halberd began to move, and so the group had to beat a hasty retreat, with the trophies of Light and Copy in tow.

Back at Light Laboratories, Dr. Light recovered. He dispatched his six Light Bots to rescue Rock, and told the group what he knew. Ganondorf was aligned with Shinra, and that organization was trying to use legal means to acheive a dominant position in Smash City, to make a full domination an easy prospect. They had allies in Handsome Jack of Hyperion (who had been at the helm of the Halberd), and this Seeker Of Darkness (who tried to remove Hojo to secure his own position in the company). But other powerful groups were also assembling to make a play for the Nexus. Bowser was using the Tome Of Eternal Darkness (see: Session Three) to acquire allies, and Sephiroth had also begun the process of gathering allies. The Glitch was out there, and the battle for the Nexus hadn’t even begun. However, armed with more knowledge, the heroes were at least ready for what was to come.

Unfortunately, one last bit of bad news came in. the team sent to extract Mega Man found him… he had been infected with the Glitch and was no longer in his right mind. Light immediately retreated to his own world with samples of Phazon given by the party, and a directive to get him samples of the Glitch.

RECAP: Session Nine
Rainbow Roadkill

The finals took place on Rainbow Road. The finalists are Roll, Steve, Captain Falcon, Diddy Kong, Mario, Peach, Samurai Goroh, and Tony Hawk. The Rainbow Road track looked like a gentle, beautiful, safe track with guardrails and a nice even surface… so Palutena decided that this was boring and transmuted it into a dangerous, undulating, railless floating deathtrap with chain chomps and thwops. Rosalina concurred that this was much more interesting.

The two F-Zero legends pulled away, and it appeared that Captain Falcon had victory in hand. As he made the last turn, though, a bolt of energy arced down from the Subspace buffer. Shockingly, the Halberd itself had emerged from Subspace and fired upon the track before returning to Subspace. Steve’s clear vantage point (he had fallen off the track and was being carried up by Lakitu) and Revan’s experience with capital ship firing patterns led them to conclude that the Halberd had fired upon the crowd (Rosalina had levitated them up from Bowser’s Castle as well), and specifically upon the section where Zelda was located.

The race concluded with a true photo finish draw between Falcon and Goroh, with Roll coming in third. Rainbow Road descended back down to drop everyone in Smash Kart Stadium, where the trophy ceremony was held. Revan split the trophy for Falcon and Goroh, while Roll recieved a package of BitMart items.

Revan discussed what happened with Zelda, and received information on the Halberd, its original owner, and the mystery of it being able to traverse Subspace. More perplexing was Claptrap’s discovery that the gun it had fired was a Hyperion weapon, not native to the Halberd’s home world.

The group split up to investigate. Roll went to the tournament afterparty and spoke with Mario to get basic information about the players involved. Mayor Tortimer,upon Mario’s suggestion, extended the group’s deputy status to the investigation of the Halberd. At Mario’s advice, she also contacted R.O.B., who posited the return of Tabuu or at the very least the Hands. He then suggested that she review the footage of the race. Revan went to Isabelle, still working at City Hall, and broke the news to her. Isabelle confirmed that Kirby was not in town, but told him how Kirby could be contacted. Revan travelled to Kirby’s apartment, and did as Isabelle told him; he wrote a letter and put it in Kirby’s mailbox, which immediately formed a star to send the letter to Kirby. Steve went to visit Samus Aran, whose ship sensors had detected the Subspace disturbance. She confirmed Claptrap’s insistence; the Halberd has different parts than it did before.

Roll and Claptrap closely examined the footage to determine that there was one other notable person in the crowd near Zelda, whom the Halberd could have been firing at: Professor Hojo.

RECAP: Session Eight
Castle Hassle

The semifinals of the First Annual Smash City Kart Championships took place in Bowser’s Castle. Knowing that they needed to get the Tome Of Eternal Darkness, and that the race would be the perfect time to act while Bowser was busy, the team split up. Roll and Steve competed in the race while Revan, Shovel Knight, Meowth, and a returning Claptrap would infiltrate the castle and steal the book. The infiltration team was shown into the castle along with the spectators for the races. Claptrap quickly infiltrated Bowser’s Wifi… the King Of Koopas is still a bit inexperienced with this type of technology, and thus Claptrap found his passwords to be worthy of overt mockery… making it obvious to everyone in earshot what he was doing. Fortunately, the only people who heard him were sympathetic to that cause. Meanwhile, Meowth snuck off because it was obvious to him that this group was not going to be able to get vary far with stealth.

Revan and Claptrap came up with a plausible story to get past a security checkpoint into the Bowser’s Castle Office block. Unfortunately, Shovel Knight chose this moment to hit Claptrap with his shovel for, well, being Claptrap. It was amazing that his patience went THAT far. A Koopa Troopa went to investigate, and got Force pulled into a shovel shot after being startled into hesitation by Claptrap. That got the attention of everyone else, but Revan used the Jedi Mind Trick to convince them all that Bowser sent them to take out someone who was embezzling money from him. That being plausible (and a bit too on-the-nose for at least one office worker), the group went on.

They went through a long tunnel filled with lava and obstacles, and gained a healthy respect for what Mario does as they did not make it through unscathed; they were very scathed, in fact. Meowth met them in the middle of that, and the team went down a spiral staircase into a large group of Dry Bones. The Dry Bones took advantage of great numbers and the weakened condition of the party to take down Shovel Knight and Meowth, but Claptrap and Revan were able to get the group under control enough to advance past them into Kamek’s Laboratory. Kamek was out, but Boom Boom was there guarding it. Claptrap destroyed Boom Boom’s self-esteem with some vicious taunting, causing him to leave in shame. After finishing the Dry Bones, they restored Shovel Knight and Meowth from their trophies.

Examining the lab, Revan located the Tome in a huge wall safe, surrounded by a sawmill on a track, and two Bullet Bill launchers. Claptrap disabled the blade and Meowth snuck on top of the launchers, and went to work on the safe. Bowser Jr. interrupted, had a verbal showdown with Claptrap, and the battle ensued. The Son Of The Koopa King took a big hit from Shovel Knight before retreating into his shell, and smashing Claptrap into a potion rack to take him out. The group disabled his Koopa Klown Kar while he was using his spinning shell technique, though, and Revan unleashed a Force Storm while he was out of the Kar and exposed. Claptrap used a life to untrophy himself and taunt Bowser Jr into retreating after he was on the verge of defeat.

Unfortunately, Meowth was unable to get the safe open in time… Bowser Jr is a poor loser, and flooded the room with Bob-Ombs. The group had to run out of there or be blasted to smithereens.

The explosion wrecked the track above, leaving Smash City with no place to hold the Finals (for which Roll and Steve had qualified.) But Rosalina and Luma appeared to offer everyone an alternative. She used her powers to create Rainbow Road…

RECAP: Session Seven
Bait And Switch

With the Kart tournament delayed for the work week, all began to return to normal in Smash City. And what could be more normal than a mid-week kidnapping of Princess Peach?

Isabelle encountered some panicking Toads in the street, going about their daily business while running, flailing, and shouting like they were in danger. Inquiring about this, she learned that Peach had been kidnapped. By Bowser. AGAIN. The party went to Peach’s Castle to investigate the scene, but Mario and Luigi told them that they had the kidnapping case under control. (Well, Mario told them that; Luigi would have liked the help!) Mario did say that there was a “related problem” that he would like help with. Since this group had aided Samus Aran not long ago, he asked if they could go to her ship and help her with a current problem she had. He had no details aside from that.

This seemed suspiciously unrelated to the Peach kidnapping, and moreso when Samus (in her armor) wanted them to come inside immediately. Plus the ship was depowered instead of floating, Samus appeared to be shorter than usual, and something was very off about her armor; the coloring was more pinkish than orange. “Samus” pulled Revan inside when he started to become loud about his suspicions, and offered him some tea to calm down. It turns out that this was not Samus at all, but Peach in disguise as Samus. The group entered the ship upon realizing this, and were told that Peach and Samus switched places based on intel Samus received on Bowser. Apparently, Bowser has been communicating with Ridley, one of Samus’ arch-nemeses, who isn’t even IN the Nexus.

A cutscene showed that Samus was only marginally better at impersonating Peach than Peach was at impersonating Samus… nonetheless, the disguise was holding and Samus was easily able to escape Peach’s cell at will to search for information.

Peach (as Samus) had gotten a communication from Dark Samus, but couldn’t make out what it was saying because she had converted the fuel converter into a tea brewer. Roll and Revan fixed it; Dark Samus had taken Pikachu, and was threatening to blow him up (with contingent Phazon corruption!) if Samus didn’t face it at midnight in Battleground. Alone. Any tricks and the Pikachu gets it!

The group did some prepwork, convinced Peach to change her armor color to orange (“but orange is disgusting! DAISY wears orange!”), and went forth to try and save Pikachu while Peach distracted Dark Samus, before the ruse could be uncovered. Peach (disguised in the Rose-o Armor) faced Dark Samus on a floating platform while the party traveled on the ground below sneaking as best they could. Isabelle spotted one of the Malice Four (Basaquer) waiting in ambush, and successfully used her adorability to get him to reveal himself to the others. A battle ensued on both ground and sky, and Peach was able to keep the disguise up by simply not attacking at all, using taunts and talking to infuriate Dark Samus to the point where she was unable to believe that the person it was facing was not Samus. (It helped that her armor had a reserve Starman, which Dark Samus thought was some advanced shielding technology.)

Roll managed to break away from the fight and eliminate the threat to Pikachu using Ice Man’s weapon to deactivate the bomb attached to the energy cage. The group then finished up on the Malice Four, with Steve’s Final Smash (granted by Isabelle getting the Smash Ball) putting the Four and Dark Samus at a heavy disadvantage. The Four went down, with only Basaquer escaping. Dark Samus fought until Peach’s armor broke, revealing the ruse and pretty much blowing Dark Samus’ mind, setting up for Roll’s Final Smash severely depleting its Phazon reserves. At that point, it fled.

All seemed resolved… but then they turned to the energy cage where Pikachu was being held, and it was being lifted into the sky by the Meowth hot air balloon! PREPARE FOR TROUBLE; the reason for Meowth’s disappearance was now evident as he had smuggled Jessie and James into Smash City. And they tried to steal Pikachu. Again. The group quickly blasted them off, due to Roll hitting Chimecho and James flipping out. Meowth had exited the balloon, and explained to his Smash City allies that he needed Jessie and James around to protect him from “that darn dog”, and that he monitored their communications. They came to steal Pikachu to protect Pikachu from Dark Samus… that’s Meowth’s story and he’s sticking to it.

Everyone met at Peach’s Castle, where Samus and Captain Toad (who extracted Samus by finding an escape tunnel while she fought Bowser) delivered a report; Bowser has the Tome of Eternal Darkness, and Kamek is using it to contact other worlds. He was trying to recruit Ridley, thus proving that Bowser is in fact gearing up for a major plan and making alliances to do so… with the ability to contact any world. Then Roll became irrationally obsessed with Samus’ hair.

RECAP: Session Six
Race For The Castle

The First Annual Smash City Kart Championships continued at Peach’s Castle. This second round race had eight racers, top four advance. Early in the race, Donkey Kong became enraged and punched Revan all the way into (and through) the wall of the castle. Revan recovered, met up with Shovel Knight (who had come searching for him), and discovered that Toadstool Retainers were disappearing. One panicked Toad asked them for help. Some clues indicated an ongoing disappearance, and then the two came across Wario and Waluigi stuffing some Toads into kidnapping bags. They battled the two ne’erdowells, but a Smash Ball went the other way and both Revan and Shovel Knight were trophied.

In the meanwhile, Roll finished second and Steve finished fourth to advance to the semifinals of the tournament. Afterwards, Roll, Steve, and Isabelle came looking for Revan and Shovel Knight, only to find them trophied and the only remaining Toads hiding in a nearby closet; they were able to escape because of Revan and Shovel Knight. While looking for clues to Wario and Waluigi’s whereabouts, they managed to save the big feast that the Toads were working on (and had been kidnapped in the middle of cooking) for that evening’s post-race ball.

On the roof, they found several of the hot air balloons used to watch the race chained to the castle suspiciously. These balloons had rocket engines and kidnapped Toads tied up in them. Wario and Waluigi’s insane plan to steal the castle was uncovered, and the entire party faced them head-on (after a very, very cute distraction by Isabelle). It was a tough battle, but Wario was trophied and Waluigi escaped (by falling into the lake). A chunk of the castle was torn off, breaking the track very badly, but no Toads were harmed thanks to the party prioritizing rescue.

With Peach’s track ruined, the semifinals and finals of the tournament would have to be delayed until next weekend. And Bowser proclaimed that this time, it would be at HIS castle… after all, who would dare destroy HIS track? At the afterparty, it was learned that not all Toads were accounted for; Captain Toad was still missing. In a cutscene, he was revealed to be exploring secret tunnels beneath Bowser’s Castle…

RECAP: Session Five
Mario Kart! Here-a We Go!

Due to their work in helping clear Samus’ name, and the way they have stepped up to help the community in various other ways, the party received personal invitations from Princess Peach to compete in the First Annual Smash City Kart Championships, to be held at the newly completed Smash Kart Stadium. The grand prize? 20 FATE Coins!

Claptrap had to return to his world to report to Atlas Corporation, and Meowth claimed that he was going to go work on a kart and left. This left Steve, Revan, and Roll working in a garage constructed by Steve. Revan retrieved the body of a swoop from the Ebon Hawk and converted it to a kart, Roll modified Beat into a kart, and Steve built a kart from scratch out of ores and rubber. Isabelle arrived during the week, as she needed a place to work on her entry, too. The four of them were entered into the first heat of the first round of the championships; top eight racers advance.

Just as Lakitu was about to start the race, Wario drove up on his Wario Bike, entering himself into the race. Peach informed him that he was not invited after what happened LAST time, and when Wario declared that he was not leaving and nobody could make him, Bowser threw him out of the stadium. Literally. (Exactly what Wario did that got him banned while Bowser is not is unknown.) Waluigi untrophied Wario, and the devious duo swore revenge. (No, I don’t know what Waluigi wants revenge for, either. That guy doesn’t need a reason.)

The first heat ended with a Chocobo racer finishing first, Isabelle finishing second, Roll third, Steve fourth, and Revan sneaking that last qualifying spot in at eighth. Fun was had by all… but in the stadium, Shovel Knight (there as a spectator) had come across some suspicious behaviour. The men’s restroom was blocked off with fake police tape, and a purple-garbed janitor told him not to go inside. He did so anyway, suspecting something amiss, and found a cache of explosives. He reported this to Officer Jenny, who recognized Waluigi’s description (but not his name) as a known criminal. Correctly suspecting that Wario was out for revenge, she dispatched Shovel Knight to sweep one end of the stadium while she checked another. Shovel Knight caught Wario smuggling in more explosives, and briefly fought him before Wario used the Wario Bike to get away.

Due to Shovel Knight finding 2/3rds of the payload, he and Jenny quickly determined what part of the stadium was still at risk. Shovel Knight evacuated the Royal Box (shovelling the Toadstool Retainers out of it) just before the bomb went off, destroying the Royal Box and ruining the track. Princess Peach was grateful for his efforts and declared that Wario was not going to ruin the championships… the next round would be held at her own Royal Raceway!

RECAP: Session Four
Turnabout Escort

We opened in media res with the party investigating a Shinra lab in an office building at 2023 North Fortune Street at 2 am. It was a dead end. As they leave, vigilante Captain Falcon thought they were burglars and accosts them. After this resolves via the use of deputy badges, he gets a signal that a crime is in progress at Light Laboratories and leaves in the Blue Falcon. Roll’s security feed shows a woman breaking into a secure vault, but with stealth technology she can’t identify. The group hustles there, except for Claptrap who goes to run Mission Control for the rest of the session. (Jon was ill.)

At Light Laboratories, Captain Falcon is found unconscious outside the vault. The party enters to see a green gem in the hands of… Samus? She is startled and unarmored, and the police arrive right away. She surrenders without a fight and is arrested. Samus refuses to answer any questions, stating that it wasn’t what it appeared but she cannot give any details. The only two people who were there that night were Guts Man and Cut Man, who are missing that stretch of time in their memories. Lab security footage shows signs of physical memory corruption.

The next morning, the group goes to Police Headquarters. The party cannot speak to Samus because they are not her attorney. Meowth discovers that Pikachu is trying to get into see her as well, but nobody understands him. The duo pull off a Team Rocket Paper-Thin Disguise™, and we learn why that always worked in the anime as nobody in the police station can roll a positive value on their Spot to see that it is two Pokemon wearing a trenchcoat. They go in to speak to Samus, but she will not give much information, stating only that she is very curious as to what that green gem was. Roll, meanwhile, checks Dr. Light’s contact list and finds the defense attorney he would have used had he ever been in legal trouble. Of course, it is Phoenix Wright. Phoenix takes the case because Maya Fey is a Samus fangirl, because that’s how they get most of their cases. Phoenix talks to Samus after exposing Meowth and Pikachu; Meowth remains hidden in the Visitor’s Room as Pikachu rolls the worst Stealth roll ever and attempts to hide under a lampshade. The police chase Pikachu away as Wright convinces Samus to let him represent her; she agrees only on the condition that Meowth (she knows he is listening) and his group provides him constant protection. Being a Phoenix Wright client, she decides not to tell anyone anything useful.

ESCORT MISSION BEGIN! Back at Light Laboratories, Phoenix studies the lab vault. While he does, Cut Man and Guts Man try to attack him! They have purple eyes during this period. The team takes them down quickly, though not without injury. Phoenix finds the following evidence: a blue goo, a perfectly circular warp on the wall of the vault, an equally perfectly circular hole in the roof of the vault, and one of Samus’ rocket heels. Despite being wounded by Cut Man, he manages to escape through the hole in the roof, where the investigation continues.

Phoenix studies the rooftops with only Steve and Maya protecting him… and is sniped. The rest of the party has to rush up there to help because they forgot that this is an escort mission, and once on the roof they must first fight the small legion of Brown Eagles and Giant Bats that fly in to provide cover for the well-hidden sniper. The group deals with the annoying flying enemies, though Revan has to save Meowth from falling off of the roof at one point. After the cover is removed, Phoenix convinces the sniper to surrender. His name is Sniper (Team Fortress 2 strikes again!) and he tells the group that he was hired only a half hour ago, to stand watch and knock off Wright if he started investigating the rooftops of Smash City. The person who did this was a man named Basaquer. Claptrap traces the money to a seedy bar called “Jay’s Bar”. Phoenix finds the following evidence: Strange Indentations, Scorch Marks, and Missile Impact Area.

The trial is about to begin (Initial Trial System!), so the group heads to the courthouse to drop Wright off. Phoenix asks who the prosecutor is, and is told that it is the Chief Prosecutor himself… an intimidating old man who dresses in frilly purple formal clothing. Wright is extremely nervous about this, and arrives at the courthouse to find… it isn’t Manfred Von Karma. No, just some guy named Ganondorf. Revan senses the dark side in Chief Prosecutor Ganondorf more intensely than he has ever sensed in anyone, including the Sith Emperor himself.

The party goes to Jay’s Bar to gather more evidence for Phoenix while the trial goes on. This is the headquarters of a criminal group called the Malice Four. Meowth sneaks in (with help from an invisibility potion) and overhears their conversation; they are coordinating the obfuscation of the investigation on behalf of a woman, and are concerned with someone named Hayabusa. Unfortunately for Meowth, the Malice Four’s gang is comprised of ninja, and one of them manages to spot the fact that there’s an outline of something on the steps. Boss Battle against all four of them (and some mook ninja) commences. Roll takes out the mooks immediately and inflicts heavy damage as the filthy bar drives her berserk, but the Malice Four leader, Bloody Malth, one-shots her. Meowth soon goes down as well, and things look very bad. Steve spots a bomb that the Malice Four member named Bomberhead was constructing, and Revan uses it to force a Mexican standoff. This gets two of the Four (Bomberhead and Basaquer) to retreat, but Barbarian has no fear and Malth believes that retrieving something from a drawer is worth exploding for. The object and drawers are almost destroyed, but Steve escapes with Roll and Meowth’s trophies. Revan blows up the bomb, taking out Barbarian and badly injuring himself and Malth. They battle… and Bloody Malth wins. Through sheer will, Revan untrophies himself… and goes down AGAIN. So he wills himself back again, and finally defeats Malth. Searching the ruins reveals the thing Bloody Malth was so adamant in protecting: an access pad to a hidden control on Samus’ ship.

The group returns to the courthouse with the device JUST as Phoenix needed it to prove that someone else could have used Samus’ ship weapon to disable Guts Man and Cut Man with computer precision and an ion gun, and put the hole in the roof. The party is then asked to go grab her ship entry “blackbox”. When they arrive, they run off the huge dragon Argorok from destroying the ship. They return the blackbox, and Wright wins the trial. Samus uses the evidence posted officially and publicly to publicly reveal the existence and identity of the being known as Dark Samus; Dark Samus would have murdered anyone to keep these things secret, but now they are public and thus special protection is no longer needed. Samus is exonerated, but is very concerned that Dark Samus can now look like HER, and not just her armor. She heads off to hunt down the Malice Four, as the party had no time to detain Malth or Barbarian after the battle.

RECAP: Session Three
Internal Darkness

Meowth and Roll went to get a hot dog for lunch, and Meowth bumped into Pikachu, who was enjoying a hot dog with his friend Samus Aran (sans armor). Pikachu was enraged to see Meowth in Smash City, and Samus helpfully offered to shoot Meowth dead in the street for him. Roll defused the situation and they left quickly.
Steve went to City Hall to get his building permits, and Isabelle asked him for help since he was a deputy. A citizen named Alexandra Roivas was having problems with hauntings in her manor. Being a good guy, Steve agreed to help.
The group arrived to Roivas Manor to find Alexandra frantic as zombies were invading her home. She seemed familiar with them, and referred to them by different names: Ulyaoth Zombies, Xel’lotath Zombies, and Chattur’gha Zombies. They faced the Ulyaoth Zombies in the library first, and though Claptrap almost burned the library, they were victorious. They then faced the Chattur’gha Zombies in the front hall, and this was a VERY tough battle. During these fights, Alexandra explained that her house WAS her world’s portal to the Nexus; it had just appeared in Smash City one day. Whatever horrors Alexandra had faced in her past had clearly drained her mental stability, and so she had a very tenunous grasp on reality.
The group pulled off the battle, and Alexandra realized that they were too late: the Xel’lotath Zombies had opened the basement and found access to the underground city of Ehn’gha. ALL IS LOST. THE ANCIENTS WILL RETURN AND DEVOUR ALL THAT IS.
The group followed, but Revan and the robots detected that the scene was not what it appeared. Indeed, Ehn’gha was an illusion; as Alexandra believed, it had not made the jump into the nexus with the rest of the house. Meowth used the Silph Scope he brought when told that this was a haunted house mission, and saw the responsible party: Gengar. Gengar was accompanied by several Gastly, and they attacked the party. However, Meowth managed to talk them down by getting the Gastly to play ball with him. Literally. (This encounter, and the conversations in it, also convinced Alexandra that the force behind the reinvigorated Ancient powers was a fifth Ancient named ‘Pokemon’.)
Without his backup, Gengar stopped fighting, and indicated to Meowth (the only one who could understand him) that his boss wanted this house and there would be big trouble for this. Meowth snuck off as Roivas and the group decided that she needed to go visit Professor Oak to learn about Pokemon and these ghosts that were plaguing the house.
Meowth met the rest of the group as they were looking for him. He reported an all clear, and the group left the house, mission complete.
Three days later, the group saw on the news that Roivas Manor had vanished, leaving a hole in the earth where it once stood. They investigated, but no physical evidence was present. Revan, however, encountered a red ghost skulking in a nearby alley. This ghost went by the name Blinky, and told Revan that he believed that the perpetrator was King Boo, the self-professed King Of Ghosts. Blinky considers himself the boss of all ghosts, which must mean he is King. Meowth tried to talk tough to him, but was immediately flanked by Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. The group left, cognizant of a brewing ghost turf war, and knowing that the Roivas Manor incident was likely a flashpoint in it.

RECAP: Session Two
Enter The Glitch

Claptrap, Revan, and Steve headed to the mouth of Smash River as Roll returned to Light Laboratories to be Mission Control. They perused the area, trying to figure out a way to the Shinra underwater base, when a van pulled up reading “MARIO BROTHERS PLUMBING COMPANY”. It turned out that Steve’s description of the lab entrance to Officer Jenny reminded her of a Warp Pipe, so she had called Mario to check on it. Mario and Luigi brought their new apprentice plumber Alucard; Alucard needed to learn a modern society trade, and he had chosen plumbing since dark dank stinky sewers were no impediment to a dhampier who sequestered himself in tombs for centuries on end. Mario confirmed that the base was, in fact, built into a Warp Pipe.
Hearing that the group was trying to rescue someone, Mario dispatched Alucard to assist them while he and Luigi capped the Warp Pipe. This conversation was overheard by a timid Black Mage named Vivi who was looking into a serious disturbance in the Lifestream of the Nexus. It had led to this area. Realizing that this was likely connected to something involving an illegal underwater lab, Vivi offered to help as well.
The group headed down to find that Shinra soldiers were already on alert in the entranceway, and attacked immediately. Revan took them all out with a spectacular Smash Ball attack… just before the huge Air Buster mech arrived. Roll relayed the style and weaknesses of the machine, which helped them not be caught offguard by its positioning shenangains. The group defeated it, and Meowth emerged from his hiding place.
Asserting that he needed to investigate the lab, Meowth pushed ahead to the part of the lab he hadn’t explored. The group encountered Reno once again, along with more Shinra troops and Shinra swordsmen. They triumphed quickly, even when a Hundred Gunner giant mech intervened. Vivi one-shotted the enormous mech with a devastating lightning attack, and the group soon took down Reno. They untrophied him and bullied him for quite a while, threatening torture and permanent trophying. Reno stuck to his insistence that they were the ones breaking the law and behaving immorally, and eventually they had to push on.
At last, they arrived at a large laboratory, where stood the rest of the Turks, many mooks, and Professor Hojo. Hojo thanked them for taking their time with Reno as he had finished all necessary preparations. He hinted to Claptrap that one of his business associates had told him about the Atlas Corporation, and “was coming for his codes”. He left as the giant Carry Armor mech arrived to capture them. There were many tubes with purple goop here; during the battle, Claptrap made to break one, but Roll warned him not to as she was getting dangerous readings from it. The group was on the verge of defeating Carry Armor and was doing well against the Turks when Tseng called in for an airstrike. Torpedoes hit the base, collapsing the ceiling and doing a lot of damage. The party managed to survive and swim to shore. They noticed some strange purple glowing bubbles percolating from the remnant of the lab, floating from the water into the air.
The Glitch has been released.

RECAP: Session One
The Campaign Begins

- We opened with Meowth hitting the streets in Smash City, gathering intel for Team Rocket. One of his Zora contacts told him about some secret submarine movements in Smash River late at night, heading towards Smash Lake. Further inquiries about goings on at the lake suggested that there was a mysterious illness among the lake’s duck population, and the annoying dog that lives around there was in a bad mood. Meowth decided to investigate himself.

- Meanwhile, Revan headed for the headquarters of Smash City’s power company, the Shinra Power Corporation, for a job interview. It seems that the former Sith Lord needs funding to acquire materials for something going on in his own world. He arrived to find that the company was being picketed for their unfair practices… by a single one-wheeled droid named Claptrap. Claptrap tried to convince Revan not to cross the picket line, and Revan questioned the strange little droid for information. It seems that Shinra is using its influence to block a corporation from Claptrap’s home world from getting established in Smash City.

Shinra then assigned the new security officer it had hired that day to go out and shoot the robot that was causing this trouble. His security badge read “Hello, My Name Is THE HEAVY”, and he carried a disturbingly large gun. Revan managed to convince him via Jedi Mind Trick that this was not the robot he was looking for, and Claptrap sent him off in the direction where the robot had gone.

- At that point, an explosion from the twenty-third floor of the Shinra building sent broken glass down on the two of them, but Revan used the President Shinra statue to create cover. Up on the 23rd floor, a meeting between Shinra’s head scientist, Dr. Hojo, and Dr. Thomas Light of Light Laboratories, had been interrupted by a mysterious silver-haired man with a very long sword who teleported in to kill Hojo. From the outside hallway, Roll heard the explosion (she was surreptitiously gathering information about Shinra at Dr. Light’s request), and ran in to see that this newcomer had already defeated Rock (who was there to bodyguard Light) with shocking speed… Rock hadn’t even had time to enable his full Mega Man combat processes. Hojo used the explosion created by Rock’s defeat to try and escape, leaping out of the window with a turbine-powered parachute rig. The unknown assailant would have leaped down and killed him, but Roll used her vacuum arm to snatch him by his long hair, and that held back his initial attack.

Revan sensed that this man was stronger in the dark side of the Force than anyone he had ever seen, and decided to try to propel himself and Claptrap up to the 23rd floor. Unused to the architecture style, he accidentally broke through to an eighth floor office. Claptrap, however, had a perfect vantage point from there to record what was going on, getting a good look at this stranger’s face. The stranger leapt with Roll on his back, as he had only one chance to get Hojo before he escaped, but Roll managed to pull him off course and the scientist got away. Revan leapt to meet the man in midair as he fell, and there was a very brief skirmish. The stranger broke it off after sensing a type of energy from Revan that he had never known… not wanting to chance a battle at this stage, he warned them all to stay out of his business and teleported away. Officer Jenny arrived and demanded to know what was going on. She got statements from Roll, Revan, Claptrap, and Reno (on behalf of Shinra). Shinra disavowed all knowledge that the silver-haired stranger existed, claiming that there had been an accidental malfunction with Dr. Light’s robot (infuriating Roll in the process). After this, Shinra refused to allow them in the building, leaving the Heavy at the door with orders to allow no unauthorized personnel inside.

- Meanwhile, at Smash Lake, Steve was collecting sugar cane at the shoreline when the lake started talking to him. It turned out that Meowth had arrived in the Magikarp bike-pedal submarine, and was trying to chase down the ducks there so he could find that dog and get some answers. Steve, thinking that this was a really big fish that could feed him for weeks, jumped in the water to kill it. He was disturbed to find that it was a machine, after knocking a block-shaped piece of hull out. Meowth yelled at him, and he repaired the hole he created (after entering the sub through it). Meowth then talked Steve into helping him pedal after seeing a man with a turbine parachute fly in from the city and fall into the mouth of the river.

Steve discovered a hatch with a strange insignia at the river’s mouth, and knocked a hole in it to enter. Meowth followed him down in order to gather intel. They were immediately accosted by Shinra soldiers, and battled them briefly. Steve managed to escape after sowing confusion with his ability to build things out of blocks, but Meowth used the opportunty to hide in the shadows instead, going on a sneaking mission in the Shinra facility. Steve thought he was trapped, though, and went into the city for help. He encountered Officer Jenny as she returned to police headquarters, and there learned that the insignia he saw belonged to the Shinra corporation. Jenny affirmed that Shinra did not have any permits or land ownership rights that would let them have a facility there. This was the first Steve heard about needing permits to build houses, so he went on to City Hall to inquire about that.

- Back at Shinra headquarters, Claptrap used his wireless interface to grant himself, Revan, and Roll authorization to enter Shinra headquarters, and Heavy accepted it (after asking if Roll was the robot he was supposed to shoot). Roll was very anxious to get back to Dr. Light and Rock, as her communications with them were blocked… however, Claptrap’s big mouth made a sneaking mission impossible. Reno caught him immediately, but both he and Roll got a look at the security room’s footage of Steve and Meowth before they were kicked out again. Revan, however, succeeded in sneaking in. He went to the eighth floor office that he accidentally broke a hole in earlier, and used the Force to lift both Roll and Claptrap up to him. The trio proceeded up to the 23rd floor, defeating a contingent of Shinra guards along the way. They discovered that Light and Rock were nowhere to be found.

Through the hole, Claptrap’s zoom function spotted Steve on his way to city hall. Having seen that this guy had raided a Shinra facility that day already, he had Revan send him down to speak with him. Claptrap successfully recruited Steve, who now had some people to help him go rescue Meowth…


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