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Subspace Glitch: A Super Smash Bros FATE RPG Campaign


The game is set in a multiversal hub called Smash City. It is a bustling metropolis with about four hundred thousand citizens of a wide variety of species… Koopas, Hylians, Humans, Pokemon, fantasy races, anthropomorphic animal hybrids, you name it. Under the peaceful leadership of Mayor Tortimer, Smash City is part of a multiversal nexus that connects many disparate worlds. Due to the nature of this multiverse, it is not usually possible for most beings to travel to worlds unlike their own… you wouldn’t see a Toadstool walk through a portal to Tamriel. (There are rumored to be methods to travel in this way, but they are unknown to most Smash City residents.) Thus, Smash City is a cultural melting pot and a trade center (and you wondered how RPG shopkeepers kept those infinite stocks? wonder no more!), but is not really a “tourist destination”.

The vast majority of citizens in most worlds are unaware of the multiverse, but the heroes of many video games are not. Many famous video game characters have a residence in Smash City, where they spend time between adventures in their own worlds. Occasionally, a threat to the entire multiverse emerges (Master Hand! Tabuu!), and heroes and villains alike sally forth in search of justice (or power). But Smash City is a neutral zone… if rivals wish to fight to the bitter end, they must do so in their own world.

Part of this is because it seems to be impossible to die in Smash City and the rest of the multidimensional nexus (such as the Battleground and Final Destination). When incapacitated, heroes become " Trophitization ": transforming into an inanimate statue which can be reactivated by simply touching the base (if trophied multiple times in quick succession, the time delay between trophization and freedom increases… this is the “stock” or " lives " of a hero). That does not mean that Smash City is not a dangerous place… far from it. Villains conspire to take over constantly, plots are always in motion against the heroes of the land, and threats from beyond the veil can arise at any moment.

But the primary reason that Smash City remains neutral and free is simple: when your citizenry includes the likes of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Link, Zelda, Samus Aran, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Sonic The Hedgehog, Solid Snake, the Star Fox unit, Kirby, Pit, Marth, and that’s just scratching the surface… it isn’t the best place to start open hostilities.

And so, evil operates in the shadows… and its roster is no less stacked than that of the forces of good.


The game uses a homebrew alteration of the Save Game variant of the FATE RPG system.

Player Characters

The guidelines to allowable player characters are here.

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