Player Character Guidelines

Player Character Guidelines

This section is adapted from an e-mail sent to the players of this game at the onset of the campaign. First person writing is therefore included.

What characters are allowed, and what characters are not? (NOTE: Any and all of these rules may be exempted if I like the concept and/or the game mechanics would be unique and fun.)

1) A character must be primarily a video game character. It is allowable to be from a universe/setting that comes from a different genre so long as the character itself was created for a video game. EXAMPLE: The Star Wars universe has many characters who have starred in video games. Darth Revan and Starkiller were created for games, and thus are allowable. Characters from the movies are not.
EXAMPLE 2: There have been innumerable Batman games. You may not be Batman. However, Lego Batman has been developed as a different version of the character and would certainly have a fun mechanic. I would allow Lego Batman.

2) With few exceptions, A character must have a canon name and a canon storyline. Totally player-generated main characters who could be any of a multitude of things are not allowed… in short, no OCs.
EXAMPLE: Although both Commander Shepard and Darth Revan are highly customizable (even up to gender) and can be built from a wide pool of abilities, their names and stories are known. They can be chosen. The player characters of the Elder Scrolls games, though, have no canon names, races, or even attributes, and the stories can be so disparate that they’re all basically OCs. So the Dragonborn/Champion Of Cyrodill/Nevarine are not playable. NPCs from any of those games may be allowable, though.

  • 2b) The Pokemon Clause: You can be a Pokemon. Almost ANY Pokemon (but see rule 5). You could even choose to be a memorable mook/species from another game. A chocobo from Final Fantasy? Totally acceptable.

3) The character must be either good-aligned, or have enough good qualities that a Heel-Face Turn is easily understood. Characters that can function as both protagonist and antagonist are allowable. Villains are flat-out no unless they are sympathetic characters that have some good in them.
EXAMPLE: King Dedede is greedy and does things that make him an enemy in most Kirby games, but he’s not evil and does geniunely care about Dreamland. He is an acceptable player character. Any Grand Theft Auto “protagonist” is a sociopathic asshole who murders indiscriminantly. You may not play one of those.

4) The character should thematically fit the setting.
EXAMPLE: While she’s a violent hard-edged bounty hunter who has killed more living things than most people have ever seen, Samus Aran tries to be heroic and doesn’t exist to torture/maim/dismember things. She does what she does because she has to, against unrelentingly evil enemies. She is an acceptable player character. Duke Nukem is a foul-mouthed psychopath who rips off people’s heads so he can literally defecate down their throat. You cannot play as him.

5) The character must be close to human-sized. Somewhere between “large cat” and “large grizzly bear”. If your character of choice falls outside these guidelines, and if it makes sense, they can be resized by the nexus (see: Captain Olimar from Pikmin).
EXAMPLE: Charizard is awfully big, but is roughly the size of a big bear (and can be downsized to that level) so it is allowable. Ridley is absolutely out of the question (besides being an irredeemable villain!) unless the Nexus reduces him to Charizard size… which would have been allowable (see: original Metroid). A Gyarados has its size as an integral trait, and would not be allowable.

Ideally, it is best if you pick a character that I am familiar with so that I can use their world/history/enemies in the game. That is not mandatory, but the game will be more fun that way. I cannot provide an exhaustive list of games that I have played or am familiar with, but we can discuss any concepts.

Also, the character you choose does not need to have been the protagonist of their game, or even a playable character.

Power level is likewise not a concern, because something about the dimensional nexus tends to level out the heroes of the realms. Somebody wants to be Akatosh from the Elder Scrolls? Sure! Somebody wants to be Isabelle from Animal Crossing? Sure! THEY WILL BE THE SAME CHARACTER LEVEL. Even if the party travels to Tamriel, something won’t be quite right for the Dragon God Of Time (though he’d likely be more formidable there). Any player character will experience this. This will NOT necessarily be the case for NPCs, and there is an in-universe reason for it.

Player Character Guidelines

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