Subspace Glitch: A Super Smash Bros. FATE RPG Campaign

The finals took place on Rainbow Road. The finalists are Roll, Steve, Captain Falcon, Diddy Kong, Mario, Peach, Samurai Goroh, and Tony Hawk. The Rainbow Road track looked like a gentle, beautiful, safe track with guardrails and a nice even surface… so Palutena decided that this was boring and transmuted it into a dangerous, undulating, railless floating deathtrap with chain chomps and thwops. Rosalina concurred that this was much more interesting.

The two F-Zero legends pulled away, and it appeared that Captain Falcon had victory in hand. As he made the last turn, though, a bolt of energy arced down from the Subspace buffer. Shockingly, the Halberd itself had emerged from Subspace and fired upon the track before returning to Subspace. Steve’s clear vantage point (he had fallen off the track and was being carried up by Lakitu) and Revan’s experience with capital ship firing patterns led them to conclude that the Halberd had fired upon the crowd (Rosalina had levitated them up from Bowser’s Castle as well), and specifically upon the section where Zelda was located.

The race concluded with a true photo finish draw between Falcon and Goroh, with Roll coming in third. Rainbow Road descended back down to drop everyone in Smash Kart Stadium, where the trophy ceremony was held. Revan split the trophy for Falcon and Goroh, while Roll recieved a package of BitMart items.

Revan discussed what happened with Zelda, and received information on the Halberd, its original owner, and the mystery of it being able to traverse Subspace. More perplexing was Claptrap’s discovery that the gun it had fired was a Hyperion weapon, not native to the Halberd’s home world.

The group split up to investigate. Roll went to the tournament afterparty and spoke with Mario to get basic information about the players involved. Mayor Tortimer,upon Mario’s suggestion, extended the group’s deputy status to the investigation of the Halberd. At Mario’s advice, she also contacted R.O.B., who posited the return of Tabuu or at the very least the Hands. He then suggested that she review the footage of the race. Revan went to Isabelle, still working at City Hall, and broke the news to her. Isabelle confirmed that Kirby was not in town, but told him how Kirby could be contacted. Revan travelled to Kirby’s apartment, and did as Isabelle told him; he wrote a letter and put it in Kirby’s mailbox, which immediately formed a star to send the letter to Kirby. Steve went to visit Samus Aran, whose ship sensors had detected the Subspace disturbance. She confirmed Claptrap’s insistence; the Halberd has different parts than it did before.

Roll and Claptrap closely examined the footage to determine that there was one other notable person in the crowd near Zelda, whom the Halberd could have been firing at: Professor Hojo.



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