Subspace Glitch: A Super Smash Bros. FATE RPG Campaign

The semifinals of the First Annual Smash City Kart Championships took place in Bowser’s Castle. Knowing that they needed to get the Tome Of Eternal Darkness, and that the race would be the perfect time to act while Bowser was busy, the team split up. Roll and Steve competed in the race while Revan, Shovel Knight, Meowth, and a returning Claptrap would infiltrate the castle and steal the book. The infiltration team was shown into the castle along with the spectators for the races. Claptrap quickly infiltrated Bowser’s Wifi… the King Of Koopas is still a bit inexperienced with this type of technology, and thus Claptrap found his passwords to be worthy of overt mockery… making it obvious to everyone in earshot what he was doing. Fortunately, the only people who heard him were sympathetic to that cause. Meanwhile, Meowth snuck off because it was obvious to him that this group was not going to be able to get vary far with stealth.

Revan and Claptrap came up with a plausible story to get past a security checkpoint into the Bowser’s Castle Office block. Unfortunately, Shovel Knight chose this moment to hit Claptrap with his shovel for, well, being Claptrap. It was amazing that his patience went THAT far. A Koopa Troopa went to investigate, and got Force pulled into a shovel shot after being startled into hesitation by Claptrap. That got the attention of everyone else, but Revan used the Jedi Mind Trick to convince them all that Bowser sent them to take out someone who was embezzling money from him. That being plausible (and a bit too on-the-nose for at least one office worker), the group went on.

They went through a long tunnel filled with lava and obstacles, and gained a healthy respect for what Mario does as they did not make it through unscathed; they were very scathed, in fact. Meowth met them in the middle of that, and the team went down a spiral staircase into a large group of Dry Bones. The Dry Bones took advantage of great numbers and the weakened condition of the party to take down Shovel Knight and Meowth, but Claptrap and Revan were able to get the group under control enough to advance past them into Kamek’s Laboratory. Kamek was out, but Boom Boom was there guarding it. Claptrap destroyed Boom Boom’s self-esteem with some vicious taunting, causing him to leave in shame. After finishing the Dry Bones, they restored Shovel Knight and Meowth from their trophies.

Examining the lab, Revan located the Tome in a huge wall safe, surrounded by a sawmill on a track, and two Bullet Bill launchers. Claptrap disabled the blade and Meowth snuck on top of the launchers, and went to work on the safe. Bowser Jr. interrupted, had a verbal showdown with Claptrap, and the battle ensued. The Son Of The Koopa King took a big hit from Shovel Knight before retreating into his shell, and smashing Claptrap into a potion rack to take him out. The group disabled his Koopa Klown Kar while he was using his spinning shell technique, though, and Revan unleashed a Force Storm while he was out of the Kar and exposed. Claptrap used a life to untrophy himself and taunt Bowser Jr into retreating after he was on the verge of defeat.

Unfortunately, Meowth was unable to get the safe open in time… Bowser Jr is a poor loser, and flooded the room with Bob-Ombs. The group had to run out of there or be blasted to smithereens.

The explosion wrecked the track above, leaving Smash City with no place to hold the Finals (for which Roll and Steve had qualified.) But Rosalina and Luma appeared to offer everyone an alternative. She used her powers to create Rainbow Road…


“The explosion wrecked the track above…” AGAIN.

RECAP: Session Eight

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