Campaign Tropes

And this is where a list of character and session-relevant tropes will go! …Later, when I’m not feeling quite so lazy. Or if anyone else wants to go ahead and do so, feel free!

Player Characters

A list of tropes relating to the party members.


Abhorrent Admirer – To both Roll and Samus in her armor.
The Friend That Nobody Likes
The Gadfly
Heroic RROD – Not as bad as Revan’s case was, but Claptrap does have some minor Glitch corruption due to de-trophying himself during the fight against Bowser Jr.
I Shall Taunt You
Oh Crap – His reaction to being told that someone or something managed to burn the Vault symbol into the ground at his homeworld’s portal.
Small Name, Big Ego
So Much For Stealth – Since his Trouble is that he Can’t Shut Up, this makes sneaking missions nearly impossible if he’s tagging along.
Voice With An Internet Connection


Moe – So much so that it’s part of her gimmick; any attack made against her has a two-in-three chance of automatically failing as the universe itself makes sure that nothing harms her. Heck, she even managed to charm both Wario and Basaquer into not attacking her!
Support Party Member – As can be expected from the Energetic Assistant herself. She can redistribute the party’s Fate Coins, gets a bonus to helping other characters Overcome an Obstacle, and her Final Smash lets someone else in the party use their Final Smash instead.
Workaholic – Her Trouble is that she Overexerts Herself.


Assist Character – Jessie and James appear during his Final Smash.
Cats Have Nine Lives – Sure, Meowth only has two Hearts, but he has nine Lives to make up for it.
Token Evil Teammate


Dual Wielding
Heel-Face Turn – In his backstory, being a Redeemed Sith Lord and all.
Heroic RROD – Managed to de-trophy himself twice in rapid succession during the first battle against the Malice Four through sheer force of will. Unfortunately, that sort of thing makes one susceptible to the effects of the Glitch. His condition has improved with the use of a 1-Up, but he’s still down one Life and some of the Glitch still lingers…
Item Caddy – By choosing to pass his turn until the end of the round during combat, Revan gains a free Fate Coin. (And it should combo nicely with Isabelle’s Let’s Get Organized. Seriously, we should try this sometime.)


Assist Character – She can call on Eddie or Beat (or any of Mega Man’s assist robots, since it’s just flavor) to deliver an item she can use to Overcome an Obstacle. Roll also teams up with Rush during her Final Smash.
Badass Driver – She placed second overall in the First Annual Smash City Kart Championships.
Composite Character/Mythology Gag – Several of Roll’s traits are taken from various Mega Man adaptations:

  • Her Vacuum Arm is based on the ‘90s Ruby-Spears cartoon. Likewise, “Super Housekeeping Robot” is a tweak on “Super Fighting Robot” from the cartoon’s theme song.
  • FIRE IS THE ULTIMATE CLEANSER!” is a quote from one of the gag strips in the Archie Comics adaptation.
  • “First Daughter of Light” comes from The Protomen’s use of “the first son of Light” in their song “Vengeance”.
    Daddy’s Girl
    I Will Find You – Roll is absolutely determined to find and rescue Rock and Doctor Light.
    Neat Freak – It’s both her Trouble and the trigger for her Unbeatable.
    Playing With Fire – “FIRE IS THE ULTIMATE CLEANSER!”
    This Is A Drill – Rush Drill, her Final Smash.
Shovel Knight

Code of Honour – As a Shovelrous Champion, his Trouble is that he Must Obey the Code. Compelling this Trouble actually has more benefits than usual, since it fills his Troupple Chalice with Ichor, which he can later use to gain various goodies.


Badass Driver – He made it all the way to the finals in the First Annual Smash City Kart Championships while driving a kart with square wheels.
Cutting The Knot – Prelude’s blocking the way and starting a fight? Grab a diamond pickax and apply to the nearest door.
Wizard Needs Food Badly – His “Gotta Eat to Survive” mechanic lets him heal a filled Heart if he’s full at the end of a scene, but fills up a heart if he’s starving instead.


Amoral Attorney – Ganondorf is the chief prosecutor for Smash City.
Back From The Dead – Ansem, Seeker of Darkness/Xehanort’s Heartless, who somehow revived in the Nexus after being blinded by the light behind the door to Kingdom Hearts.
Original Character – Prelude, a new Robot Master Doctor Light built during his “employment” with Shinra

Allies and Other NPCs

Loophole Abuse – The rules for the Smash City Kart Championships said that you had to use a vehicle (or Chocobo) to compete. Sonic’s “vehicle” was a cardboard kart-shaped harness that he “drove” using his feet, Flintstones-style.
Reasonable Authority Figure – Mayor Tortimer, who was elected specifically because he was so unlikely to abuse his power.

Setting and Plot

Continuing Is Painful – A character that’s been trophied is generally considered out of commission until combat ends. They can, through force of will, restore themselves with full health mid-fight, but doing so uses up one of their Lives, and that equals progressive Glitch infection. Get trophied without any Lives left, and it’s Game Over for your character.
Stuff Blowing Up – Every round of the First Annual Smash City Kart Championships ended with an explosion destroying part of the track, forcing the organizers to switch to a new course each time. (Rainbow Road being the sole exception, since it was made out of Hard Light.)

Campaign Tropes

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