Villainous Alliances

Smash City is home to a multitude of heroes… but it also hosts just as many villains. And that means there are several evil plots to keep track of. Whether any particular group is at odds or working together (at least until the inevitable backstabbing occurs), this page is here to try to keep tabs on what’s going on.

Note: Information that is known to the entire party is in regular font. Anything we’re only aware of through cutscenes or other out-of-character knowledge is struck through. Anything only certain members of the party know and have chosen not to tell the others about (cough-Meowth-cough-) will be left off until circumstances change.

Because nearly killing one world in the name of energy production wasn’t enough, now Shinra is turning its attention toward the obviously profitable resources hidden within Final Destination. Currently the prime suspects regarding the disappearance of Rock and Dr. Light, since the two were last seen in their headquarters. We’re pretty sure they’re at least partly behind the Glitch being released into the atmosphere as well.
UPDATE: It appears that Shinra was NOT involved in the appearance of the rebuilt Halberd ship during the Smash Kart finals, though they are investigating it as well. President Shinra is also working toward securing the position of Mayor in the next election. Also, to the surprise of absolutely no one, they are in fact the people responsible for holding Dr. Light (and presumably Rock as well) prisoner. Jerks.
Turks (Reno, Rude, Tseng, Elena)
Professor Hojo
Hasn’t been seen since he pulled a vanishing act during the fallout of the raid on the secret Shinra base… until now, where he was spotted incognito in the stands at the Smash Kart finals. He hasn’t been doing a very good job of keeping in touch with his superiors at Shinra, which is probably going to come up in his quarterly review if that remains a habit. Also, he isn’t allowed to go anywhere near Doctor Light, which is for the best.

This enigmatic silver-haired man broke into Shinra headquarters, trophied Rock within seconds, and then attempted to murder Professor Hojo. Only the timely intervention of Roll, Revan, and Claptrap stopped him, but in hindsight, maybe everyone would have been better off if Hojo hadn’t gotten away with his life. Maybe. (Eh, Shinra probably would have just hired Albert Wesker to replace him or something.) Aside from Sephiroth’s grudge against Shinra in general and Hojo in particular, we still don’t know anything about his motivations.

The King of the Koopas himself. Armed with the Book of Eternal Darkness taken from the Roivas mansion, Bowser has been reaching out to other worlds in an attempt to secure allies for whatever grand scheme he’s been plotting. Someone should probably put a stop to that.
—King Boo
—Bowser Jr.

King Dedede
Wait, are you sure this guy even belongs on this list? So far, all he’s done is pop up to annoy anyone who declares himself the king of anything, since there’s only room for one king in this city, and it’s obviously Dedede!

Dark Samus
A “clone” of Samus Aran made from the corrosive and corruptive (I don’t care if it’s not a word; it just sounds nicer together with corrosive) substance known as Phazon. Phazon, by the way, happens to be very similar to this Glitch stuff that’s been going around. I’m sure that’s completely coincidental, yup. Anyway, Dark Samus mostly only cares about taking regular Samus out of the picture. Anything else is just gravy.
—Malice Four

Good news, Smash City’s Chief Prosecutor isn’t Manfred von Karma. Bad news, it’s this guy. He doesn’t seem to be up to anything suspicious, but come on, he’s the King of Evil for a reason!

Turns out that when you nearly ruin the previous Kart Grand Prix by blowing up the tracks with heavy explosives, you don’t get invited back to race in the following competition. Yeah, Wario isn’t going to learn his lesson and quietly accept that, not by a long shot.

Dr. Albert Wily
Once upon a time, he and Dr. Light worked together to build incredibly advanced robots. But then Wily succumbed to jealousy and decided to use his robots to take over the world. Fortunately, Mega Man has thwarted him every time. Unfortunately, Mega Man is currently MIA. Fortunately, WIly isn’t actually in Smash City. Unfortunately, he knows it exists and it’s only a matter of time before he and/or his robots find their way across the border.

Team Rocket

Evil Real Estate Agents
Shhh, we don’t know about these guys yet! But these eeeeeevil real estate agents are set to become Steve’s nemeses. Legend has it the inspiration for them came from a particularly rage-worthy case of The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard during a game (wait, no, THREE games) of Fortune Street.

BLU Team
A team of nine mercenaries who normally spend their time fighting an eternal string of battles against their opposite number, the RED Team, over control of a pointless plot of land. However, they’ve recently taken on a number of jobs in Smash City. It just so happens that those jobs tend to run counter to what our heroes are trying to accomplish. Nothing personal, though. It’s just business.
Worked at Shinra headquarters as a security guard. He got fired after Revan Jedi Mind Tricked him into letting the party into the building. Oops.
Was hired by the Malice Four (who are in turn working for Dark Samus) to watch the rooftops and to shoot anyone who came up to investigate. He nearly took out Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey before the party came to the rescue and ultimately convinced him that it would be wise to back down.

Villainous Alliances

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