Third Smash Tournament

Events Of The Third Smash Tournament

The Third Smash Tournament took place roughly two months before the settlement of Smash City, and ten months after the Second Smash Tournament. Unlike other Smash Tournaments, which resolved in days, this chain of events unfolded over the course of well over a month. Due to the odd timeflow in the Transdimensional Nexus, different people have experienced different time frames in their respective worlds regarding this event.

Although classified as a “tournament”, this event was a deception initiated by the being known as Tabuu. Controlling the Master Hand, Tabuu summoned a large number of “heroes” to the Nexus through the portals in Final Destination. Heroes summoned from the Second Smash Tournament were brought back in:Mario, Luigi, Link, Donkey Kong, Samus Aran, Kirby, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud, Ness, Yoshi, Bowser, Falco Lombardi, Ganondorf, the Ice Climbers, Marth, Peach, and Zelda. Jigglypuff had (again) not left the Transdimensional Nexus since the previous year’s encounter, and joined the battle of her own volition. Also summoned by Master Hand (on behalf of Tabuu) was Ash Ketchum (with Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur), Diddy Kong , Ike, King Dedede, Lucario, Lucas, Meta Knight, Olimar, Pit, Snake, a different incarnation of Link, Wario, and Wolf O’Donnell.

This experience was very different than the first two tournaments. Entire sections of worlds were being pulled in through Subspace. The group of heroes was split up across various parts of the landmass created by combining the Nexus with these locations. Master Hand had made contact with Ganondorf in advance due to the latter’s use of the Triforce Of Power. An alliance was formed with Ganondorf, Bowser, Wario, and a mysterious figure known as the Ancient Minister. The armies of Ganondorf and Bowser were supplemented by creatures from various worlds, as well as a new creature called Shadow Bugs that could create Dark Variants of the heroes they encountered. The heroes found themselves separated and beset by enemies.

Mario and Kirby had a battle which they believed would start the tournament, only for a trap to be sprung. The Ancient Minister had stolen the Halberd when Meta Knight (having prepared with information gathered from Kirby) summoned it, and used it to attack the platform on which they had battled (and the crowd which had been pulled from their respective worlds). There, the main weapon of Tabuu’s forces was unveiled: Subspace Bombs. These weapons rendered the entire area lost in Subspace, seemingly destroyed permanently.

Various adventures and misadventures would take place as all of the various heroes travelled through this land. Factions formed as heroes encountered one another and fought alongside (or against) each other, all while opposing the Ancient Minister and its Subspace Army. But the Master Hand remained a step ahead of them all, subsuming much of the land with Subspace Bombs.

Eventually, a group of heroes including Meta Knight, Lucario, Snake, Peach, Zelda, and Fox reclaims the Halberd, rescuing [[Mr. Game & Watch]] in the process; he was the source of the Shadow Bugs, as they were formed from his essence. This prompted Ganondorf to order the Ancient Minister to blow up the Subspace Bomb Factory on the Isle Of Ancients just as Samus, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Olimar, and Captain Falcon had penetrated the facility’s defenses. The Ancient Minister refused, and the robot army used to detonate the bombs were overriden by Ganondorf to open fire upon him This revealed the Ancient Minister to be a R.O.B. unit in disguise itself. Unable to stop the mass detonation, R.O.B. ordered all R.O.B. units (including itself) to shut down, but Donkey Kong carried it out as the group escaped the destruction of the Isle Of Ancients just in time.

The Subspace Gunship which the villains have finished construction on, meant to finish the job that the Subspace Bombs started, destroyed the Halberd, but had a much more difficult time hitting the smaller vessels used by Samus, Fox, Falco, Captain Falcon, and Olimar. Kirby used this distraction to destroy the Gunship, and the heroes joined together at last… all except for three.

Ganondorf chose this moment for his inevitable betrayal. Meeting with the other villains in the Subspace headquarters of Master Hand, he trophitized Bowser, and confronted Master Hand only to discover Tabuu controlling him. Ganondorf freed Master Hand, but Tabuu easily bested them. The combined hero forces invaded at that moment , but Tabuu’s plans had led to this point. Tabuu’s Off Waves defeated the entire hero army in one blow, leaving his plans to dissolve all of reality into Subspace unopposed.

Almost. King Dedede had been acting very bizarrely this entire time, collecting “trophies” himself for seemingly no reason. He had hidden two trophitized heroes away (Luigi and Ness). He himself had been left trophitized by a villain attack. But Dedede had prepared for this; he had stolen three experimental detrophitizers from the Halberd while Meta Knight was preparing for the inevitable third tournament, and disguised them as broaches that he hung on trophies he “collected”. These activated at the programmed time, freeing Luigi and Ness, who deduced what Dedede had done and freed him as well. The trio entered Subspace and freed many of the scattered trophitized heroes. Kirby, who had eaten Dedede’s third broach earlier in the adventure, also auto-revived and freed whomever Dedede’s group missed.

Assembled again, the heroes entered The Great Maze, found a few more heroes who had become lost there (Wolf, Toon Link, and Jigglypuff), and after a long hard battle managed to find Tabuu again. This time, the outcome would be different, as the entire disturbance in Subspace had gotten the attention of a hero that Tabuu had known nothing about: Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic used a Chaos Emerald (which had reacted to the Subspace disturbances) to travel to Tabuu’s location, and damaged him with a super-speed ambush. Because of this, the Off Waves were no longer strong enough to defeat everyone at once. A small group, including Mario, Sonic, Link, Samus, Kirby, Dedede, and Snake outlasted Tabuu, seemingly destroying him for good.

Fallout From the Third Smash Tournament

This time, the damage was extensive and the effects far more permanent. The portals to the different worlds did not seal after this tournament, as they had after the previous two. Not only did this allow the heroes to return home at their leisure, but it allowed others from the worlds to arrive.

Most of the territory that had been shunted into Subspace by the Subspace Bombs was recoverable. Using the Chaos Emerald, and consultation with a few scientific experts brought in by the heroes, the worlds were restored, leaving the Nexus in its original state. Seeing the potential value in having a place between worlds to facilitate trade and growth, some of the heroes decided to found a permanent settlement in the stable plains between the Battlefield and Final Destination; an area which had expanded under Tabuu, in order to facilitate the development of the Great Maze. This is how Smash City came into existence. The Nexus has been permanently settled ever since.

A number of heroes chose to move to Smash City in order to keep this new crucial location out of the hands of evil… and because they now have new friends from many worlds that they cannot see anywhere else. As for each one:

  • Mario and Luigi stayed to open a plumbing company. They built Smash City’s water and sewer system using Warp Pipes as well as conventional methods.
  • Peach established a castle in Smash City to act as an embassy for the Mushroom Kingdom. She took an early leadership position in the drive to establish the city and is rightly considered a founder.
  • Link and Toon Link returned to their places in the timestream of Hyrule, though Link has been known to return from time to time for adventure.
  • Zelda, however, opted to stay. Like Peach, she has established a castle embassy for Hyrule in Smash City and is considered a founder. This caused great consternation amongst the Three Goddesses of Hyrule, as Zelda’s soul is necessary for the cycle of the Hero to continue. Zelda had a plan for that, but it wouldn’t be revealed until the Fourth Smash Tournament.
  • Kirby went home, satisfied in knowing that he could return to visit his friends when he wanted.
  • Meta Knight, however, was devastated by the loss of the Halberd. He returned home to rebuild and recruit a new crew.
  • King Dedede stayed in Smash City, because Smash City needed a King. There were also foods and entertainment from all new worlds that he wanted to experience… but mostly he felt the need to be the King. And to correct the others who thought themselves kings because they come from different worlds.
  • Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi brought in the Star Fox Team to help with the building effort. They’ve been struggling with he idea of telling their world about the Nexus, but decided to do so once Smash City had gotten up and running and they had seen it for themselves. They still live in their own world, but have been known to come to Smash City regularly. It’s another planet stop for them.
  • Conversely, Wolf O’Donnell has kept his knowledge to himself for now. His motives are unknown, but he notably did not participate in the Fourth Smash Tournament.
  • Samus Aran left to go report to the Galactic Federation, and to take care of some loose ends. Once she believed that Dark Samus had been destroyed, she moved to Smash City in the hopes that she could build a happier life there.
  • Captain Falcon no longer needed to tell his story as fiction; the existence of the portal “proved” his claim. As such, he had to be a bit more truthful with this telling of the tale (he still managed to make himself one of the ones to defeat Tabuu, finishing the battle with the Falcon Punch and making Samus and Peach and Zelda all swoon with an ill-advised love subplot that ended because he was too manly for just one woman; Peach very politely sued him for that portrayal). His hero status jumped even more, and he became the self-appointed superhero vigilante protecting Smash City.
  • Pikachu finally was able to communicate to Ash that he had done this twice before (since many of the other heroes already knew and trusted Pikachu). The two returned to report everything to the Pokemon League, who worked to secure the portal from the various evil teams in their world that would exploit this opportunity for ill. Unfortunately, Pikachu had already told somebody who could figure out what the portal was.
  • Jigglypuff considered Battlefield as her home rather than Smash City, so she went on as before, occasionally showing up to see if anyone from the other worlds could stay awake for her song. (No.)
  • Ness and Lucas went home, but had very different reactions to these events. Ness felt vindicated, more confident, and free of doubt. Lucas gained more confidence in himself, but a dread of the other worlds… as such, he worked to seal the portal to keep his world safe.
  • Donkey Kong forgot the whole thing and went to eat a banana. It wasn’t important anyway.
  • Diddy Kong, on the other hand, was exasperated that DK had never told anyone anything about the Nexus and went around Smash City learning all that he could. He tries to make his homeworld a better place by finding technology that would fit into their jungle’s lifestyle without ruining the natural world.
  • Ganondorf seized the opportunity afforded by his unprecedented truce with Link and Zelda to offer his… cooperation. He sensed the chance to gain political power, as he clearly saw that trying to conquer Smash City by force was a fool’s game; Link and Zelda were nearly a match for him, but when you add their allies, that was an impossible battle. He slowly, patiently began the long game of getting into striking position by helping to found Smash City.
  • Following this mess, the Ice Climbers retired. They collapsed an ice mountain on the portal leading to their world, and moved as far away from it as they could manage. This was a surprisingly successful strategy, as they were unable to be pulled into the Fourth Smash Tournament.
  • Marth and Ike again returned to their respective times in Archanea. Marth kept his relations with Smash City secret, because he believed that he had decendents who grew up knowing nothing of the worlds; thus revealing them would have unpredictable effects. Ike, on the other hand, saw no harm in leading the Crimean Army to control the portal in order to allow his people to gain medical and scientific knowledge that could improve their land.
  • Lucario stayed in Smash City, wishing to see the other worlds. He helped to build the city, leading some of the project as a foreman, showing the rest of the heroes just how fully sapient Pokemon can be.
  • Olimar returned home to be with his Pikmin friends. He makes supply runs in Smash City now and then, and curiously has been sighted in Battlefield on occasion.
  • Wario moved to Smash City because he could make millions selling stuff from other worlds. He has spent his time since then trying to figure out how to get to the other worlds. Being unmotivated by nature, he hasn’t made any headway.
  • Pit secured the portal to Skyworld, and has acted as the proxy of Lady Palutena ever since. He tried to get a Temple to Palutena set up in Smash City, and Palutena Is Literally The Best Day established as a municipal holiday, but these efforts have been less than successful. He did succeed in getting an embassy building running, though.
  • Mr. Game & Watch again returned to the Subspace, and was not seen until the Fourth Smash Tournament.
  • R.O.B. channeled his grief into making a legacy for his people; he was a founder of Smash City. He currently administers SmashNet, the Nexus’ internet/communication platform.
  • Snake offered some suggestions regarding military setup and defense of the new city, but the founders opted not to produce a military, against Snake’s advice. After that, he parted company with them and was believed to have left Smash City. However, his ally Otacon soon arrived to help design some of the city’s technology, leading many to believe that Snake is still around.
  • Sonic lacked the patience to stay while Smash City was being built, but is known to visit frequently.

Third Smash Tournament

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